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Carefully Curated. Curiously Designed. Coming Soon in 2018.

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Q & A

What is Hello Curio?

We are a portfolio of creative commercial initiatives, laboratory of design and art projects, and owners of intellectual property aimed to market, support, and promote the work by makers who come from underrepresented communities. We work in-house to create art and consumer objects using proprietary data-driven methods coupled with our on-the-ground community presence.

When does Hello Curio launch?

Our expected launch date is Fall 2018.

What does the name Hello Curio mean?

The genesis comes from our innate curiosities for unusual yet intriguing objects. We also were influenced by the "curio cabinets" that our moms and dads filled with their treasures found during their travels. The name greets curiosity seekers to look and linger. We they are thrilled with the curios designs, products, and services that we provide with our portfolio. We want them to find and own a treasure or two that they will love, gift, or place in their personal "curio cabinets."

Do you have more questions?

Please email us at info[at]